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Farm Education

Certified as Bee Friendly Farming 11/26/2013.

We are focused on promoting heirloom seed varieties, flavorful, nutritional dense fruits and vegetables, partner education and involvement in local, small scale sustainable agriculture. 

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a landscaped area designed to capture and hold access rain water for a short period, allowing it to soak into the soil and recharge the groundwater.  Rain gardens help slow the flow of water from a yard during and after a storm, reducing water pollution and allowing groundwater recharge.

Healthy Landscapes Rain Gardens

Low Impact Development Center Rain Garden Design Templates

Planting a Riparian Buffer uky ID-185.pdf  Riparian zones - which are characterized by high levels of interactions between vegetation, soil and water - link terrestrial and aquatic environments.  These areas have high biotic, structural, and functional diversity.

Rain Garden Network How To Build a Rain Garden

Sample Completed Rain Garden Designs

The Beneficial Beauty of Rain Gardens 


10 Things You Can Do to Prevent Pollution from Stormwater Runoff from Oldham County Environmental Authority


Please note we will be closed Friday November 20 - Friday December 4 so we may enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

CSA 2016

We will be pursuing markets in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for the 2016 growing season so we have made the decision to discontinue offering our CSA.


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 Hunger & Food Security

"Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?"