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 About Us


The property consists of 5 acres and was purchased in October of 1998. It has undergone a complete metamorphosis with the establishment of food production gardens and the implementation of wildlife habitat restoration. We keep mechanization to a minimum and use a walk behind lawn mower to maintain walking paths or keep invasive plants in check, a string trimmer to groom garden beds and a rototiller to establish new garden beds, revitalize an existing one or control pest populations. After completing treatment for aggressive breast cancer in 2005 - 2006 I determined it was my good eating habits and using much of my own food that prevented any lymph node infiltration so in 2007 I started selling my excess production at my local farmers' market. I focus on heirlooms for history, flavor and genetic diversity.

Habitat Gardens

  • Wildlife habitat restoration of property begun spring of 2003.
  • Repopulating the land with Kentucky native plants to provide food and shelter for wildlife.
  • Allowing natives found naturally on the property to grow and expand their presence.
  • Provide a chemical free environment for wildlife.
  • Educate homeowners about the sue of native plants for home scale gardening and habitat restoration.



We believe in living close rto the land. We advocate and practice sustainable production methods by utilizing native plantings as predator habitat to eliminate the need for chemical applications. We specialize in heirlooms such as rare black popcorn; very rare Native American flour corn and dried beans; value added jams, jellies and baked goods made from heirloom vegetables and ground corn flour or cornmeal. we plan for a mix of native plantings for beauty and wildlife support alongside the cultivated production gardens. We continually improve our soil by the addition of organic materials and minimum use of tillage equipment. our only use of chemicals is for the control of invasive plants that were brought on to the property by previous owners. All garden production is done by hand in addition to harvesting, processing and packaging.

Production Gardens

  • Baked good made from corn flour, cornmeal and heirloom vegetables and herbs.
  • High tunnel and low tunnel gardening for four-season food production.
  • 6 varieties of hand crafted garlic.
  • 3 varieties of Native American corn ground on site.
  • Dakota Black popcorn.
  • 6 varieties of heirloom dried beans.
  • Heirloom vegetables.
  • Wild crafted items made from fresh and dried plant material grown on property.
  • Plants - Kentucky natives, culitvars, herbs, succulents and vegetables.
  • Garlic seed.
  • Habitat garden design service available upon request.
  • Group tours and presentations available upon request.


Everything taken off the land is put back by use of composting.  Grass clippings and straw are effective mulch and greatly reduce the need for weeding while providing soil stability through temperature and moisture moderation and pest deterrence.  All plant material benefits from the sue of mulch by adding organic matter back into the soil.


Kentucky Native Plant Society - Lifetime Member

Kentucky Proud

Seed Savers Exchange

Wild Ones

 Property Certifications

GAP Certified 04/26/2008

Monarch Waystation Number 1861

The National Wildlife Federation certifies us as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certificate No. 59237

Urban Wildlife Sanctuary Certificate No. 735

Wild Ones Native Plant Butterfly Garden No. 0063

1997 Certificate of Completion

Master Gardener Program

2012 Certificate of Completion 

KY FarmStart 10/26/2012 Kentucky's Beginning Farmer Program

2018 Produce Safety Alliance Certificate of Training

02/13/2018 PSA Grower Training Course