Shopping for Food During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Information for Consumers

I have severe allergies of an unknown nature typically diagnosed as contact dermatitis.  After much research we discovered that I have Dyshidrotic Eczema.  As a result of these allergies many common household products cause a severe skin reaction similar to a burn where my skin bubbles up and peels which is extremely painful in addition to limiting activities.  During COVID it became even more difficult to source product that wouldn't cause a reaction and I have very specific manufactured products that I know I can use confidently.  The Online Resources section 
Online Resources

LuckyVitaminWe're More Than Vitamins.  At LuckyVitamin, we look at health holistically, knowing that the journey to Happy Wellness is incredibly individualized. It’s more than remembering to take your vitamins — it’s having access to a variety of affordable, natural products as well as getting the support you need to put them to good use, no matter your diet or health goals. Our mission is to be your go-to source for natural products and knowledge, supporting your journey toward happy wellness.

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