Chewin' on Seeds (Assessing Seed Maturity)

Collecting Milkweed Seeds 101

Home Germination Testing

How to properly store seeds at home This isn't about nylon stockings...Seed Storage and You

Organic Seed Alliance - Organic Seed Alliance advances ethical seed solutions to meet food and farming needs in a changing world.

Seed Saving - Quick Tips for Saving Your Garden Favorites

The Mainer Saving the World's Rarest Heirloom Seeds

Vegetable Planting and Seed Saving Instructions from Seed Savers Exchange

How to Harvest Seeds to Grow Gourds Seed saving allows you to collect and store seeds from your favorite plant varieties from your own garden-grown plants. The large seeds of gourds (Cucurbitaceae family), both pumpkins and ornamental varieties, dry easily and store well, whether you collect them from fresh fruits or cured ones. 


 09/10/2014 Louisville Seed Library Outline.



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