Leena's Caramelized Onion Jam
  This is spectacular with cheese and crackers or use it on burgers, pasta, vegetables or where your culinary imagination will lead.  It takes time to dice the onions and a lot of tears but it is so worth the final outcome.  

FB POST - If you still have gifts to give I have a very simple homemade jam for you, Leena's Caramelized Onion Jam is one of those OMG moments and where have you been all my life recipes. Why now? Well, when all your white onions that you harvested earlier this summer are heading south you make desperate attempts to process what you can so I have been scouring the internet for onion recipes that are water bath processed for long term storage. I had to try it as it began the gel point and I am glad I landed on this recipe. There is no answer for cutting onions without tears so as I say, buck up and just do it. We're getting ready to get them in jars for gift giving. I would use it on pizza's, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, pasta, etc. Well worth the time. BTW what exactly is 6 onions in regards to measurable quantity. I used 8 cups of large diced onions and in my case it amounted to about 24 onions since mine weren't overly large. Refer to her to determine onion quantity… The aroma will have your mouth watering.


Nature Simple, Healthy, and Good by Alain Ducasse 190 Recipes from a French Master chef
I discovered this book through a garlic confit recipe and since that was so good I decided to purchase the book and have not been disappointed.