It's very important to take proper care of your fruit bearing trees.  Review these informative video's for basic pruning instructions.  If you are still uncomfortable with pruing, always look to your local cooperative extension service and see what classes they are offering or better yet, why not become a Master Gardener and prune with confidence. 

The Kentucky Extension Master Gardener Program

Oldham County Cooperative Extension Service 

Pruning Apple & Pear Trees - A neglected but otherwise healthy tree will usually show a marked improvement in fruit quality as a result of pruning.

When to Prune Pear Trees - Pear trees produce fruit for 75 to 80 years when properly cared for, and they are a low-maintenance way to add beauty and shade to your yard. 

I graduated in the spring of 1997 from the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Master Gardener program.  As a newlywed we purchased our first home newly constructed in a Drees community in Northern Kentucky and as such we were given a $2,000.00 landscaping credit to be used at a local nursery.  We eagerly took our credit to that nursery, had them develop the front yard landscape plan, subsequently purchased said plant material from this nursery but did the planting ourselves.  Was it successful, NO!!  As I began to research the plant material the nursery selected for our home I soon learned that they gave no consideration to the site conditions.  There were a lot of azaleas and rhodadendrons which were not in the right place, they are shade loving plants and our front yard was nothing but sun.  After this experience and loving school anyway, I embarked on my horticulture journey and have never looked back.  If you are really interested in plants and how to best serve your landscaping needs I strongly recommend enrolling in your local Master Gardener program since you will receive quality, science based education for a nominal fee.  The catch, you will have to commit to volunteering a specific amount of time to get your certificate and each year thereafter but it is well worth the continued learning experience.